Sunday 7 July 2019 2019

This night is a double-bill. Not one, but two bands will perform at Paard.

Raging guitars, artistic chaos and always an intellectual message: Le Butcherettes are one of the most insane, violent and ground-breaking bands of the 21st century. But what else could you wish for with a frontwoman like Teri Gender Bender? The Mexican visionair and her band know time after time how to shock the audience with their extreme and unorthodox performances that paint (sometimes literally) a bloody reflection of the punkscene. With guitars that will rip your eardrum apart, the band promises to blow you away during their gig at Paard on juli 7th.

  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

In time where our values about existence and humanrights are challenged, the protestband INVSN has risen. The post-punkband is battling against a more and more right society; and it sounds amazing. The band consists of heavyweights from the swedish punkscene and is led by Dennis Lyzxén, who we all know from the iconic band Refused. Expect a Sisters of Mercy inspired sound with a heavy political message and shrill guitars.

“ Een wonderbaarlijke luisterbeurt in dit rariteitenkabinet! “

Door dansendeberen.be over Le Butcherettes