Wednesday 22 May 2019



After a lag of almost 9 years, it’s time to jump on the wagon! Poppunk heroes Lagwagon are back.  The return of the band happend during the release of their album ‘Hang’, which was harder amd darker than ever before. Thanks to their hard rock songs, you can clearly hear how the band has grown both professionally and personally. On may 22nd you’ll see them live at Paard.



*incl € 2,50 servicefee

Officially Lagwagon never broke up as a band; all the member were busy with their individual projects. Topics like loss, betrayal, aging, the environment and the plight of the common man are all dealt with on the new record. It also contains a musical hommage to the best friend of leadsinger Joey Cape, who died right before their tour in 2012.

‘Punk rock soldiers of fortune’ Drunktank will be the supportact for Lagwagon.  Drunktank stands for uptempo,  melodic, 90’s skatepunk songs. They sound like bands like Epitaph, Fat Wreck Chords en Burning Heart, combined with riffs that will make you long for 80’s metal.