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The Amsterdam singer and pianist Karsu, known for her unique English and Turkish-language blend of pop, jazz and world and her energetic performance, can be admired in our Main Hall on 5 maart 2022. In 2019 she was already in our Small (and sold out) Hall. In the run-up to the club tour, her new single Sonunda will be released on July 1, which means finally. An initially light-sounding song; however, Karsu talks about trust and deceit in this song. On 5 march 2022, Karsu will take the listeners on a journey, where she will play her songs with passion and fire. Get ready for a catchy musical show that will surprise its fans time and time again.

  • € 20,00
  • Grote Zaal
  • 19:00
  • 20:30

*incl. €3,00 Service

Karsu features both English and Turkish songs, in which very intimate and melancholic moments can also become very intense once the singer goes wild with her band. After the release of the album Karsu (2019) and the accompanying successful club tour, a world tour was scheduled for 2020.

Karsu would visit America, Canada and Russia, among others. The outbreak of COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works. Karsu did not sit still, however; she gave many online concerts from behind her grand piano at home, provided live streams, made a video clip in her living room and shot a video clip in the quiet streets of Amsterdam, and picked up her hobby cooking; the videos of Karsu’s Kitchen on YouTube have thousands of views. She made live Turkish pizzas on Instagram, together with more than 9,000 followers.

Of ze nu achter de piano een liedje inzet, of een zuivere oerkreet lanceert, alles wat Karsu doet is geladen met intensiteit.

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