Thursday 6 June 2024 2024

In 2020, Kans launched his debut self-produced album “Deze Eenzaamheid Laat Mij Niet Alleen”. With 13 solo tracks, he managed to present his style and mix of influences to the Netherlands. He will be at the Kleine Zaal on June 6. In collaboration with the FPK, Kans released the well-known Wisseloord sessions, which allowed him to partially convey the live experience of the album.

The second album, “Hennessy & Beckies,” saw the light of day in 2022, with a sound in line with his previous work. While his previous album focused on finding a partner in this digital age, ‘Hennessy & Beckies’ describes letting go of non-working relationships and enjoying life afterwards. The album takes the listener on a journey, back to the moment when Kans reconsiders the relationship. The theme of the album is reflected in the titles of the songs, in which influences of social media, booze, money, etc. play a central role in the search for love in this day and age. With 13 songs, this project remains current, especially given the current social context.

  • €23,00 *
  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

Support: Ruskey
Emerging Amsterdam multitalent Ruskey, born as Desai Breeveld, has always been surrounded by music. With a father who is a guitarist, composer, and producer, a mother who sings and writes, and grandparents who have all been on stage, he has been surrounded by people who share his passion since childhood. He has never lost this passion and love for music, starting piano at the age of four and producing since he was ten. After several successful singles, he released his long-awaited debut EP ‘Baby Boy’ in September 2022. A sensitive project about love, wrapped in an R&B vibe, of which he took full production responsibility. After this EP, he was named “Artist To Watch” by Complex NL. Last year, on April 23, he and his band performed his first headline show in the upstairs room of Paradiso, which sold out within six days.