Saturday 23 September 2023 8380


It is time for the third edition of Kaleidoscope in the Paardcafé, The Hague. So get your beautiful self and ally friends ready for an inclusive* queer night filled with good vibes, games, music and start warming up to shine to our hot tunes! ️Our night starts off low key, giving everyone the chance to meet like minded people over drinks, playing games and enjoying some queer artists and slowly – as smooth as your pick up lines – the night will turn into a warm night out ! Be prepared for queer joy, a sense of community, connection, silliness and sexyness – and most of all: feel free to be your unique self!

Please not; Only buy tickets via Ticketswap. Unfortunately, scammers are active in other ways. The ticket swap page for Kaleidoscoop can be found here.

  • € 5,00
  • Café
  • 20:00
  • 20:00

We operate a ‘Good Vibes Only’ policy. Creating a safe(r) space for the queer community where everyone can enjoy being themselves freely is our #1 priority. So time to put all the bad vibes in your trash, put kindness and love in your heart and remember: consent is hot! View our policies and more information about the evening on our instagram account: And if you have any questions or feedback about the event, don’t hesitate to DM or email us ([email protected])

Unfortunately, Paardcafe is not accessible for wheelchairs. PAARD and Kaleidoscope Events strive to make all nights as inclusive as possible. It is important that there is a small staircase outside to enter the cafe, and also a staircase to the basement where the toilets are located. Inside there are about 10-20 seats to sit at night. Send us a DM or email for more info on accessibility.LGBTQ+QUEER21+