Thursday 8 November 2018


The Grey Pants

We can’t call the comeback of Johan a reunion. It is more like a new start: one we want to do a joyful dance for. Because when the band quitted in 2009, it meant the end of one of the finest guitar bands of Netherlands.


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The classic British pop is deeply rooted, and the reference to ‘Beatle’eske’ songs are easily made. Everyone can hear that melancholic undertone, vivacious melodies in the contagious masterpieces of Jacob de Greeuw & co, who also have found their way to the Top2000.

The resurrection of JHN goes together with a classic new album ‘Pull Up’ (April 13th) and a revised band that is eager to hit is. The song ‘About Time’ is the forerunner of the album that will be released mid-April.

Niks reünieplaatje, Pull Up behoort tot het beste werk dat de band uitbracht.