Sunday 8 May 2022


Joep Beving has a unique view of neo-classical music. The musician seems to be equally influenced by Radiohead as by Mahler. A little bit minimalistic, a little bit melodic and, above all, really pretty. Beving is one of the most popular Dutch classical musicians for a reason. Loved by die-hard fans of classical music, but also loved by ravers who are looking for a moment of rest in their playlist. On 14 December Joep Beving will play the Grote Zaal.

The rescheduled shows of April 6 and 7 will be merged on this new date: December 14, 2021. Already purchased tickets remain valid, all buyers receive mail.

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  • € 27,50
  • Grote Zaal / Main Hall
  • 19:30
  • 20:30

*incl. €3,00 Service

After Joep Beving was forced to quit his studies at the conservatory, the musician started a public administration-study. Nevertheless the piano never left his life. The way of composing did change though. Where the Joep used to try to play as many keys as physically possible, it slowly changed into a way more minimalistic approach. This made Joep Beving pretty succesfull. Since the release of Bevings first album in 2015, the composer played a lot of venues and festivals.

En dat is ook wat Joep Beving met zijn muziek wil: het moet mensen raken, op een toegankelijke manier.

3voor12, op Best Kept Secret