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Sunday 29 September 2019


Town Of Saints

The upcoming American artist Jade Jackson is one to keep an eye on! This young country singer-songwriter might seem like a sweetheart, but the twenty-six year old singer has an edgy character and a punky sound to her music. Her voice gets compared to the punk edition of Lucinda Williams every now and then. ‘I grew up my fathers daughter, he said don’t take no shit from no one, you never see me cry’, is one of Jade’s lyrics in her song called ‘Aden‘. On September 29th Jade will perform at PAARD with her new album Wilderness.

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Jade grew up in a small town in California. Her parents kind of had unique ways of upbringing her. This meant she grew up without tv or internet. As a teenager she didn’t have many options left other than making music. She got inspired by her parents large album collection. When she was thirteen, Jade’s parents took her to a concert of Social Disortion and from that moment on she decided to take her music career seriously. Even before she finished high school, the teenager had written over 350 songs. In 2017 she released her debut album Gilded and at the end of June she brought out her latest album Wilderness.

Town of Saints consists of the duo Harmen Ridderbos and Heta Salkolahti. They met each other whilst traveling and ever since then they’re musically invested with each other. The roots of this band is in folk, but they also know how to bring in some rock. Expect a pure show of Town of Saints.

Gilded’ is een fantastisch debuut van een buitengewoon talent. Het zal me ook niet verbazen als ‘Gilded’ over een aantal jaar op dezelfde waarde wordt geschat als het doorbraakalbum ‘Car Wheels on a Gravel Road’ van Lucinda Williams.

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