Thursday 7 October 2021


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Knowing what you are good at and taking it seriously, that is what Inge van Calkar has been doing since she saw the “electronic light”. Where her music previously had an indie flair, it shifted more and more towards electropop. The vulnerability of her debut gives way to a confident and sensual stage presence, like a kind of Kylie Minogue meets Garbage. On October 7 you can hear this new synthpop sound with a sharp edge live in PAARD.

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In 2019, she easily filled the Grote Markt in her home city of Groningen during Eurosonic Air. When she performs live, she knows how to convince everyone of her energy. Her lig show deserves an extra mention, with standing LED lamps, which are programmed to the music.

With the summer hit Touchdown (2019), which became Topsong on NPO Radio 2, her music has found its desired form, together with an entirely new stage presence clad in white. And with her latest album Full Color, the multicolored nature of “La Dama Bianca” can be heard in all keys.