Saturday 1 December 2018 2018

HINK is a new minifestival at PAARD. Our programmer Henk Koolen made a selection out of the best acts that are touring Europe in december. With a great program in all halls and the Paardcafé.

Great Lake Swimmers (CA) indie folk, Cocaine Piss (BE) trashpunk,  Lera Lynn (US) America popnoir, Red Snapper (UK) dark funk, afrojazz, soundscapes, The Sore Losers (BE) garage blues rockSaintseneca (US) alt-folk, Micah P Hinson (US) Americana, Miho Hatori (JP) Japanese avant-pop, Duds (UK) postpunk noise and more!

Check the time schedule here!

  • Beide Zalen
  • 18:30
  • 19:30

Great Lake Swimmers knows how to bring the Canadian landscape to life in melancholic, melodic folksongs. A band that like to touch your feelings and that lets fans of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Phosphorescent be on top of their game, because this is hard.

The members of Belgian trashpunkband Cocaine Piss proudly let their instruments growl, while the singer enchants you with her icy screams. Obscure, a bit terrifying, louder than loud and with happy titles of the tracks like ‘Incest’, ‘Pussy’ and ‘Fuck This Shit’.

Originating from Ohio, Saintseneca brings dreamy folk that screams nostalgia. Mind your step on the slippery wet floor…

The post-Americana pop noir songs from the Nashville based guitarmuse Lera Lynn could possibly be the secret love babies of Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. You don’t have to be a ‘True Detective’ to recognize her as the role of the shadowy bar singer.

For those who can still remember the heydays of IDM label WARPrecords, HINK has a special surprise, one of the live pearls: Red Snapper. This band from London toured with some of the biggest known artists. They tagged allong with Massive Attack, Bjork, The Prodigy, De La Soul and The Fugees. A dancable coctail of dub, trip hop, drum ‘n bass and afro jazz that is supported live by stand-up bass which gives this music the stage it deserves!

The Belgian The Sore Losers squashed their mix of garagerock and fiery blues against the same wall of sound that Led Zeppelin and The White Stripes used before. Like a Blitzkrieg the foursome slowly  conquers the whole of Europe with their raw and exciting ‘in your face’ rock ‘n roll sound.

After a drugaddiction, jailtime and being bankrupt, the American americana singer Micah P. Hinson had enough experience to write not one but three albums if he wanted. Luckily he’s doing fine now and has released nine albums already, of which his last one could be described as ‘modern folk opera’.  The content of this album is about all the weird changes in life.

Zac Little, the genius behind SAINTSENECA, grew up to be a preacher in Ohia. But the experience of life showed that Zac had more interest in a different way of speaking to the crowd, through music and not words. On his newest album ‘Pillar Of Na’ you hear a mixture of folk rock, together with punk rock and futuristic but nostalgic sounds.

Szun Waves is the new project of Luke Abboot, praised producer of James Holden’s Border Community-label, where he works together with Jack Wyllie from Portico Quartet and Laurence Pike of PVT (previously Pivot). Together this electronic superband creates an innovative mix of jazz, improvisation, electronic and soundscapes. Their second album ”New Hymn to Freedom” released on the 31st of august was welcomed with very enthousiastic reviews.

These men from Manchester don’t give away much about themselves on the internet, but this avant post-punk band doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of. Duds is like candy for the ears if you love Captain Beefheart with a dash of Gang of Four. The always well dressed gentlemen hop easily from prog-rock to noise and from inimitable rythms to a funky guitarrif.

The Japanese artist Miho Hatori is not a stranger. She is the co-founder of triphop group Cibo Matto and worked together with e.g. Gorillaz, The Beastie Boys and John Zorn. She is now walking the path of a solo artist and realeased an EP with her new project: New Optimism. A lively, unpredictable sound that twists around grooving basslines in which subtle electronic sounds and playful experimental pop play a big role. A special detail is that Miho has three distinguishable voices and/or identities that she shifts into when she performs live. Each of these voices/identities has it’s own clear message and context; philosophy and motive.