Sunday 3 December & Monday 4 December 2023

On December 3rd, HINK is about to happen. The festival that surprises you or puts your feet right on the ground. Expect steamy performances from various bands within the post-punk, psychedelia and garage genres. With a program in both halls and the café, you can puzzle together your ideal line-up.

Artwork by Glitterstudio

  • €35,00 *
  • Festival
  • 15:00
  • 15:30

  • Ramkot

    Loud rock from the southern neighbors

    Ramrock: the name the trio invented for their genre. An ode to rock traditions in a danceable jacket.

  • Personal Trainer

    Beloved indie rock with a rough edge

    Personal Trainer is no stranger to The Hague and we’ve seen this during a sold-out show in the Small Hall and at festivals such as Sniester and The Life I Live. With their debut album Big Love Blanket, the band left their mark on the Dutch music industry once again.

  • Tramhaus

    Mix of noise rock and post-punk

    The Rotterdam collective Tramhaus will make The Hague unsafe during HINK. With their mix of noise rock and post-punk, the patriotic brother of Viagra Boys ensures that no one is safe during their live performance. Ready to mosh? Then Tramhaus is the right place for you.

  • Heartworms

    Dystopian and surprising

    Dystopian. That’s the first adjective anyone has ever used to describe the South London author. With Heartworms, architect Jojo creates space for a deliberately uncomfortable challenge to the outside world, but her own self and passions are also discussed.

  • Lewsberg

    Rotterdam's The Velvet Underground

    The Name is a nod to writer Robert Loesberg and the music flirts with The Velvet Underground, Television and The Modern Lovers. A nonchalant groove, captivating repetitive guitar wrappings and hypothermic vocals.

  • Holy Wave

    Synesthesia of refined melodies

    Childhood friends Ryan Fuson, Kyle Hager, Joseph Cook & Julian Ruiz grew together from a DIY project into what Holy Wave is; a carefully strung colorful tapestry of psychedelia, dreamy pop-oriented jams and saturated guitar dimensions.

  • Gurriers

    Dublin's best

    Formed on the eve of a global pandemic, post-punk, noise rock and shoegaze band Gurriers emerged in early 2020. The Dublin was on London Calling last year and became support for Goat Girl, The Workmans and Enola Gay.

  • Enola Gay

    Irish noise-punk

    Belfast-based Irish noise-punk 4-piece formed in late 2019. Offering venomous hip-hop-inspired vocals that are as uncompromising as the guitars are unforgiving, layered on a rhythm section that draws as much from left-field electronica and techno as it does from post-punk heroes of the late 70s.

  • Mecano UN-ltd

    With an absurdist wink

    Mecano was founded in 1977 by painter Dirk Polak. The band has had various line-ups, including Ton Lebbink and Tejo Bolten, among others. Since 2016 the band has been revived, still led by Polak. Today it consists of an international group with Dutch, Israeli, half-Danish and Croatian members.

  • The Psychotic Monks

    Dada garagerock

    On their Facebook page, they have cited Francis Bacon as their main influence and “post-George Orwell” as their genre. The French band The Psychotic Monks is not afraid to forge its own path. “We don’t want a frontman, nor do they need one. We don’t like the verse/chorus structure in songs, nor do we need it.” Psychedelic rock, garage rock, post rock, post punk, experimental rock and noise rock are some of the styles they like to mix in their songs – a diversity that is reflected on their first album.

  • Marathon

    punk with your head in dissonant clouds

    Marathon is top sport. The surplus of energy that the Amsterdam trio pent up during the week, finds it’s way from the stage to the people in the room. The band exorcises the reality of the still young twenty-first century, hopping from crisis to crisis. Highly energetic defense against a threatening mood of doom. Up to your knees in punk and with your head in dissonant clouds.

  • Laura Palmer

    <3 Shoegaze

    Laura Palmer embraces Shoegaze with a pinch of modern experimentation. She is a four-piece
    band, balancing on abrasive melodies, floating drones and dreamy soundscapes. The result is a
    melting dystopian soundtrack, alienatingly thundering through chaos