Thursday 15 November 2018


Ever since the 80’s, Front 242 has been popular. They introduced a new genre: EDM (Electronic Body Music) and were leading for other industrial and electronic artists. Front 242 even was seen as the pioneer of techno and New Beat. Their biggest hit was Headhunter, which included a price winning video. The album of the song called Front by Front is often considered as best they have made.


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  • Grote Zaal
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When the Belgium band was founded by Daniel B. and Dirk Bergen, they immediately were refreshing. The band released their first single in 1981 and a year later keyboard player Patrick Codenys and singer Jean-Luc De Meyer joint the band. Dirk left the band in ’83 and was replaced by Richard 23. The real breakthrough was happening just now. They released a new album ‘No Comment’ and had gig after gig. Front 242 took a break last year to work on solo projects, but in November 15th they are reunited, with us, in Paard!

Oude muziek in een nieuw jasje. En dat werkt perfect. Ik had me verwacht aan meer dansmuziek, maar gelukkig waren alle ouwe rakkers van de partij. Het was al lang geleden dat ik ze nog gezien had, maar de energie van weleer zijn ze nog niet kwijt gespeeld.

Woelfie – fan