Sunday 19 May 2024


Please note: this event will be moved to May 19, 2024. The same tickets (with old date) remain valid. Ticket buyers will receive an email about this.

Six time’s a charm for Dutchman Misja Helsloot. Despite announcing last year’s Open To Close night would be his last, The Hague’s PAARD venue has begun to feel like home. And well, after two editions with back2back sets (Signum in 2021 and Sean Tyas in 2022), the idea of doing another Open To Close night on his own did start to itch. And so, here’s the big announcement: on may 19th, you’re welcome to join Misja’s musical journey, with Hel:sløwed to Helsloot.

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  • Kleine Zaal
  • 17:00
  • 19:00

It won’t be entirely solo, as Misja sails the Hel:sløwed project together with Michael de Kooker – an extraordinary union, building up a solid discography over the past 12 months. From their impeccable trance & progressive original ‘In Silence’ to the to the deeper and more housy remix of Grooveyard’s ‘Mary Go Wild and all tracks and remixes in between – the boys’ interpretation of ‘Low Tempo, High Energy’ has begun to spread like wildfire. Hel:sløwed has rekindled Misja’s inspiration, and the Hel:sløwed sets reflect upon that. Side by side, Michael and Misja will kick off the musical adventure that awaits us that night.

Taking up a great deal of his musical career nowadays, it’s time for Misja to give the Hel:sløwed sound some more room to breathe within his Open To Close concept, however – fans of his more trancy sound, along with the Helsloot classics of old, won’t be disappointed either. Keeping a fine balance between both his aliases, visitors of Hel:sløwed to Helsloot can expect anything from dark beats, prog delight and techno side-steps to hands-in-the-air moments, uplifting melodies and eyes-closed nostalgia. Energy’s the key here, and Hel:sløwed to Helsloot will give you just that. So see you on may 19, at PAARD, The Hague.