Friday 27 January 2023 8380


On Friday January 27 PAARD will open the doors for HANGAR BREAKS. A new concept from the creative fingers of the Index crew, from breakbeats to percussive and dark Drum ‘n Bass. And they kick off the first edition mercilessly with a strong line-up within the electronic genre.

The Untouchables (BE)
Dj Atiq
Arian Newgent (Live)
Index Dj’s


  • Kleine Zaal
  • 23:30
  • 23:30

The Untouchables
The duo is known for their heavyweight tribal sound. Kay’s unique style is a mixture of Heavy Dubby B-Lines and Percussive energy. While Nitrox brings some thumping kicks, and Distorted bass . The two will deliver a heavyweight selection that is guaranteed to damage any sound system. A fresh sound for anyone wanting to dip into the Deep Tribal dub side of the universe.