Wednesday 20 March 2019


It is known as one of the most poor countries in the world, if we’re talking about materialistic things, but Mali is rich if we’re talking about musical talent. Habib Koité, known from supergroup Bamada, is one of the West-African superstars the new generation has brought in this country. The way he plays the guitar makes it sound like magical harp strumming, his voice is very soft, mezmerizing and melodic, we just can’t describe his style into one sentence. It is like a color palette of tones, a sound that screams Khassonké rythms and harmonic elements, which make it very clear that he will never, ever, abandon his roots. But it’s far from traditional either: the Blues, Flamenco, Pop and Rock influences are flickering in the background. Like it hasn’t been touched in the vitality. A true must for those who love world music!

BluesfolkMalinese muziekpopwereldmuziek

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One of the keys to his succes is the fact that he is so dedicated to touring. Real road warriors, Habib Koité & Bamada have played over 1500 shows since 1994 and appeard in some of the most prestigious concertvenues worldwide. Through the years, Koité received a lot of loving reviews from e.a. Poeple, Entertainment Weekly and New York Times. After some years, Koité is now ready for it, new adventures and concerts all around the world. On wednesday march 20th he settles in The Hagues own Paard for the night.