Monday 25 January 2021

Revolusi: In gesprek met David van Reybrouck

Cultural historian, archaeologist and writer David Van Reybrouck will come to PAARD on January 22 with a new perspective on the Indonesian struggle for independence. David Van Reybrouck describes in his latest book Revolusi how the Indonesian struggle for independence not only affected Indonesia and the Netherlands, but also how this struggle changed the whole world. The Belgian writer worked on his research for 5 years. He interviewed nearly 200 people, including the last living witnesses to the struggle for independence. And also in the Netherlands his search brought to light many new stories.

During the special livestream of the Haagsch College, Van Reybrouck will talk to Thomas Erdbrink and as a viewer you can follow the whole evening!

From our Grote Zaal, Van Reybrouck explains why he now looks in a different way at the decolonization of Indonesia and the role of the Netherlands in this. What lessons did his research teach him? And how do you approach such a sensitive subject as an outsider?

  • €10,-
  • Online livestream (vanuit PAARD)
  • 19:30
  • 20:15

David Van Reybrouck
David Van Reybrouck is a cultural historian, archaeologist and writer of non-fiction, theater and poetry. His new book Revolusi was published last November. He achieved his greatest success with Congo: A History, which was awarded the Libris History Prize 2010, the AKO Literature Prize 2010 and the Prix Médicis 2012. He has also written, among other things, Plea for Populism, Tegen Verkiezingen and the theater texts Para en Missie.

Thomas Erdbrink
Thomas Erdbrink writes as Bureau Chief Northern Europe for The New York Times, previously he was a correspondent for the same newspaper and The Washington Post in Iran. He also made the series Onze man in Tehran for the VPRO and presented VPRO Summer Guests. He is in the theater with Haagsch College with his theater show Onze Man in Tehran.

Haagsch College
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‘Terwijl ik op een lauwe deegbal kauwde, besefte ik dat het Nederlands koloniaal avontuur niet met een honger naar grond begon, maar met een verlangen naar smaak.’

David van Reybrouck in de Volkskrant