Thursday 17 June 2021


Grown George is a versatile English-speaking artist who grew up in Rotterdam.

He has been interested in the world of film from an early age and this interest is also one of the greatest sources of inspiration for his (rap)music. The listener is transported to a different world, carefully produced by George and his We Don’t Care team. This world is being designed with various audiovisual projects, with which he has made a lasting impression in recent times. His listeners come from all over the world, from the USA. and Germany to Russia. On June 17, 2021 he can be seen via the livestream in PAARD!

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His debut recently followed after several previous projects. “THE MADNESS!” is an album Grown George has been working on for the past three years and was released on May 14th.
On the single “Swimming”, George has teamed up with Grammy nominated producer & recording artist Pyrex, a well-known member of the Atlanta based collective 808 Mafia, which has already produced for artists such as Future, Migos and Drake. He previously released “This Ain’t That” with a feature by American artist BADGER.

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