Friday 21 May 2021


The Grauzone Festival will take place in 2021 on Friday May 21 and Saturday May 22. Festival director Marc Emmerik: “We are a young festival, not that big yet and that makes us flexible. I am positive about setting up the next edition within the boundaries that exist at that time. ” So put Grauzone in the agenda for now with a thick marker, tickets will go on sale later.

More info will follow.

  • Grote Zaal
  • 19:00
  • 19:00

The multidisciplinary underground Grauzone Festival can be found at locations such as Paard, Het Koorenhuis, Het Magazijn, The Gray Space In The Middle and the Paardcafé. There is an extensive Graukunst exhibition, a film program, a record market and various seminars.

We're still a young festival and relatively not so big yet, which makes us pretty flexible, so I'm positive about reshaping this upcoming edition - within whatever boundaries - to make it happen.'

Festivaldirecteur Marc Emmerik