Wednesday 17 April 2019



The day after Trump’s election victory, songwriter Gabriel Kahane stepped into the train and searched inspiration for a follow-up project after his collaboration with The Fiction Issue. This follow-up project led to a very special series of songs on the album called ‘Book of Travelers’. Ranging from indie pop to alternative folk, the music of Kahane reflects his image of the world. Through his conceptual approach to music and his collaborations with artists such as: Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird and Paul Simon, he is often described as an art-pop musician.

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The latest album ‘Book of Travelers’ is one that has been waiting a long time! Because Kahane likes to travel and is fascinated by places, the songs are based on it with love. This plate is entirely dedicated to pinning places with the American tradition to use the means of transport by choice. You take the train or you go with a caravan / camper. You visit a fixed, peculiar road that is constantly in motion over the landscape. ‘Book of Travelers’ captures the moments when you are looking for a place to call home or it becomes a collective fear.

By Rolling Stone magazine the album ‘The Ambassador’ – from 2014 – was named ‘One of the best albums of the year’. Read it here.

Gabriel Kahane's 'Book of Travelers' Offers Glimpses of the American Psyche After the Trump Election