Thursday 18 October 2018


Whoever is up for a special, intensive and musical journey can – or no, has to – give Flying Horseman a chance. The selection of top musicians from Antwerp, led by singer-songwriter Bert Dockx, make fascinatingly beautiful albums that are rated with five stars (‘’a masterpiece full of paradoxes’’) and bring high expectations. Their music isn’t easy to describe: shoots of post-folk with dark blues, filled with ominous orgels and synthesizers, which are moving forward to weird meats that are insanely groovy, and ending with euphoric bursts with devastating guitars. As if Peter Gabriel, Nick Cave and Brian Eno got quite fogged on a party and tell the story with too much details.

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  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

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The Belgium band was a solo project of guitarist Bert Dockx at first, he started in 2008. Alfredo Bravo, Loesje Maieu, Martha Maieu, Mattias Cré (Milan Warmoeskerken) joined the group later and a strong band was formed. They got nominated in 2013 for two Music Industry Awards, and Dockx was nominated himself for ‘Best Musician’ in 2013 and 2014! After performances at Pukkelpop and Gent Jazz Festival, it’s Paard’s turn! We can’t wait.

After releasing four albums, it was time for something different. Rooms/Ruins needed to outstand. The work process was changed. The band didn’t record the album at first, before going on tour. Flying Horseman gave a handful of shows and tested the new material on their audience. After that, they got into the studio. Despite the many changes, the album feels as well-known as we hoped. You hear the lightness and accessibility after listening a few times.

Flying Horseman imponeert. Net als je denkt dat de creatieve piek inmiddels helemaal bereikt is, slaagt de groep erin om nog een versnelling hoger te schakelen.

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