Sunday 16 June 2019 2019

‘When Hell freezes over’ is what the americans say about the impossbile thought of reuniting their favorite bands from the past. That may have been so for The Eagles but most centainly not for Amsterdam-based rockband Fatal Flowers. This is big news: the return of the Fatal Flowers! Melodic rocksongs with paisley underground influences but also 70’s new york punk and new wave. June 16th in PAARD!

  • Grote Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:30

Fatal Flowers recorded their albums abroad together with famous producers like Craig Leon (Blondie), Vic Maile (Dr. Feelgood and Motörhead) and Bowie-guitarist Mick Ronson. They played at Pinkpop in 1987 and won a Zilveren Harp and two Edison Awards.  Still the band quit in 1990. Their live performance reputation is gigantic, which they show you at Paard!