Wednesday 22 June 2022



PLEASE NOTE: This concert will NOT take place in PAARD but in the Amare concert hall. Here you can find more information about the concert.

Dark drums, dreamy synths and a catchy and sultry sound. With her solo tour last year, Eefje de Visser played in clubs and at festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. Here she already showed a more electronic sound, with which she also transcends the country and language borders. Now she comes with new music and her new single Black Sun is the next step in this direction. Packed with a brand new record, she will come to AMARE on June 22, 2022.

  • €27,50
  • Amare
  • 19:15
  • 20:00

Eefje de Visser, shortly Eefje, is a singer-songwriter who’s not afraid to mix different genres. On her debut album ‘De Koek’ you can hear jazz, folk and even hiphop. Now it’s time for a new phase, one of electronic music. But it promises to still be as intriguing as we’re used to from Eefje.

Support: Roufaida
The North African diaspora stands at the forefront of Roufaida’s music. Inspired by artists such as Björk, Fairuz and Aldous Harding, Roufaida produces subdued pop with guitar, guembri, vintage Riffian cassette samples and beats. She sings briskly, but with vulnerability in English, Arabic and Riffian. She creates her accessible and intriguing music all by herself on stage, to let the listener get up close.