Raw hiphop from The Hague

Friday 20 October 2023 8380

After a number of successful collaborations with DJ Outsiders, among others, it is time for De Kraaien‘s own album again. And of course that includes a club tour! The formation from The Hague does not skip PAARD. On October 20, 2023 you’ll see De Kraaien, armed with the stubborn raw lyrics you are used to, in the Grote Zaal.

With continued success of hits such as Ik vind je lekker and Pechvogel in their pocket, de Kraaien returns with new single Wodka Chickies. A preview of the new album. Nothing is too crazy during a De Kraaien show and the only question that is left, is what Bernd Gansebev will come up with this time. Smoke bombs, visuals, live musicians, artist featers, strippers or pole dancers, nothing is too crazy.

  • €21,50 *
  • Grote Zaal
  • 19:00
  • 19:30

Supports: Mispoes & SKINC

The girls from Mispoes have visited many clubs and bars by now. They checked everything out and came to the conclusion that there is a bit of pussy missing in the clubs. We are not talking about the girls on the dance floor but the girls behind the decks and the scenes. Mispoes combines music with entertainment, art and culture and is sure to get everyone moving! The two founders of the Mispoes Events Team play back-to-back whatever their audience wants to hear. Their forte lies in hits that they like to dance to: 80’s, 90’s and zeros with a touch of house and perhaps a small pinch of drum & bass for the enthusiast. Matching outfits and great dance moves can’t be missed here either. When the cat is away, she is with Mispoes.

Hip-Hop alone doesn’t cover it all. The four rappers/producers have thrown all electronic styles into a blender, resulting in the very remarkable smoothie called SKINC. By responding in a unique way to their own experiences and everything that the life of a young adult entails, SKINC colors a musical world that many can relate to. Winning the 2022 Nobel Award was a great first step in the right direction for the boys, followed by their EP ‘In Het Rood’, and last summer their debut album ‘Wezens van Habite’. It is often said that SKINC creates their “own booth”, and with this album they have proven this.

Special guest performance: Hans Glock (Dier van de Nacht Album Showcase)