Friday 2 February 2018 2018

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David Nance has been in the niche world of underground psychedelic garagerock. With a discography that consisted of lo-fi tapes, released in private management and on small labels. Including his musical hobby: recording cover albums, including a Beatles compilation and a reinterpretation of Lou Reeds Berlin.

But for his new album Negative Boogie, he went back to the studio with backing band and he even got a bigger label with Ba Da Bing Records. A record of fierce feedback guitar eruptions, psychotic vocals and raw bluespunk.  Goosebumps guaranteed! Think The Velvet Underground meets The Oblivians with a touch of Chrome Cranks.



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  • 19:30
  • 20:00

For David Nance, from Omaha, Nebraska, is this his first album recorded in a studio. Armed with guitars, cowbells, steel drums, vintage amps, Crazy Horse microphones, a mellotron, and a restless but tireless rhythm section consisting of Kevin Donahue and Tom May.

They went to the studio at sunrise and at midnight there were already 15 songs recorded. Perhaps it’s Midwestern work ethics, maybe it’s just fast thinking. But it certainly determines the sound of negative boogie.

“Some songs were unused for half a decade, some songs were changed the day before recording and some songs were recycled and reinterpreted from the last album leftovers,” according to the songwriter himself.

“ Zijn muziek verdient meer aandacht: het is een heerlijk rauw, gevarieerd en oprecht album geworden. “

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