Sunday 12 May 2019



Last fall, Daniël Lohues and his electric band preformed in Paard during their clubtour, and it got us excited for more! Daniël is a dutch singer, songwriter, musician and columnist  and he realeased a new album in March of last year. His new album is filled with songs about matters like traveling, friendship, family and lost lovers. All sung in his native language. “Almost all these songs were created in a dream. I would wake up in the middle of the night and hear melodies. I thought I had left the music on downstairs, but it turns out the melodies were playing in my head. I would get out of bed and start to write the new songs right away.” On May 12th Daniël will be back in the ‘kleine zaal’ and he will be playing all different songs from his works of the past 25 years.


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