Saturday 5 June 2021

DAG IN DE BRANDING: XTRO [livestream only]

A performance of The Hague percussion trio XTRO is a feast for the eyes. The stage is filled with an arsenal of everyday objects such as bottles, glasses, flowerpots, high-heeled shoes, coconuts and buckets of water. John Cage, the American avantgarde composer, famously stated that music isn’t limited to instruments like the violin or piano, but that any sound – from the squeak of a chair to the rumble of a passing truck – can be part of a composition. This idea is the jumping off point for Flow: a programme in which these three young percussionists string together seven compositions to a poetic stream of sounds derived from everyday objects. To anyone who is willing to see and hear, they demonstrate that music knows no boundaries.

We are very sorry we will not be able to have a live audience at the concerts of June 5th. This was announced on 12 May. We will record parts of the original concerts for our online edition. This online programme will be broadcast on Wednesday 9 June. You can buy your ticket here. A few days before the online broadcast we will send you the link and password via e-mail.

  • Ticket 5 + Mogelijkheid tot extra donatie
  • Online livestream
  • 20:00
  • 20:00

Festival Dag in de Branding #60
Art is at its finest when it offers its viewers or listeners a chance to experience something new – whether it’s a fresh train of thought, new imagery or a new way of listening. In this edition of Dag in de Branding, three generations of composers present a fresh perspective on old and familiar aspects of music.

Over the last twelve years Festival Dag in de Branding has become one of the leading platforms for new music in the Netherlands. Dag in de Branding organizes four one-day programs a year, during which concerts are staged at locations all across The Hague. The festival showcases the latest developments in classical and improvised music, in music theatre, jazz, pop, as well as in opera and electronic music.

Spraakmakend en smaakmakend.

– Festival Dag in de Branding