Dabke Night

Saturday 13 January 2018 2018

Dabke? We can hear you think; what’s that? Let us explain it briefly, starting with the name: in Arabic, Dabke literally means ‘stamping’. But you have to put it in context of a modern Levantine-Arabic circle dance. This dance is performed in Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Saudi Arabia as well as in other middle eastern countries and it combines circle dancing and line dancing. It’s broadly performed at weddings, festivals and other important festivities. During this Dabke Night you see professional performances and you also get the opportunity to learn this traditional way of dancing. The best part is: you never dance alone!

  • Grote Zaal
  • 20:00
  • 20:45

Mix-tunes of Arabic and Western music often sound a bit off and uncomfortable because of the colliding scales. But the Syrian-Dutch production of Gharib has a clever way of working around that. The band exists of Syrian singer/musician Gharib and four Dutch musicians and they bring a unique mix of eastern (Arabic) and western music, which is immersive, danceable and melancholic.

The typical Dabke music is a real party starter at Arabic weddings, but you also see it more and more in The Netherlands. The dance is originally very traditional but a lot of urban dancers make a mix with hip hop and modern dance. We will learn you the basics, that everyone can follow. You will love it!

Matrub مطروب is the alter ego of mps Pilot, one of Hollands best known tropical/world dj’s and producers and during his shows he showcases a worldwide and modern repertoire. Especially for this Dabke Night, Matrub will play a set of Arabic rhythms that will keep you dancing all night long.

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For a small price you can enjoy amazing tasty homemade Arabic diches like Tabouleh, Humous, Kibbeh and all kinds of sweets that you can’t resist.