Friday 23 June 2023 2023

Dabke Night has been the new sensation in the nightlife scene throughout the Netherlands in recent years! Perhaps you even joined in the fun at the Heineken tent during last year’s Lowlands festival. The popular and energetic dabke dance from the Middle East has become an essential trend in the nightlife thanks to Dabke Night. No matter where you come from, before you know it, you’ll be blending in with your new family on the dance floor. Every Dabke Night starts with an introduction to dabke that even those without any dance experience can follow. Experience it yourself at PAARD on Friday, June 23rd!

  • Grote Zaal
  • 20:00
  • 20:30

Dabke Night 20:30 – 02:00

Performance Dabke workshop for beginners DJ’s & live band Shamzon Middle Eastern pop-up restaurant in the foyer.

Live: Shamzon

SHAM is the name for the historical region of Syria. ZON means hope. The live act SHAMZON creates music rooted in the Arab tradition, featuring sparkling, energetic, and danceable tunes. Dabke and Arab grooves, cries full of emotion, beautiful sounds of the traditional oud, all enhanced with electric bass on a mesmerizing rhythm. With original productions by producer/keyboardist Abdul Alrahim Alsaleh and covers of artists like Omar Souleyman, Shamzon turns every show into a special celebration. Think of sounds similar to artists such as Rizan Said, Altin Gun, and, of course, Omar Souleyman. Shamzon has previously performed at events like Zwarte Cross.

About Dabke Night It all started in 2015 when a group of Dutch and Arab friends came up with the idea that dabke could be a way to build bridges between European and Arab cultures. While preserving the traditions, they brought the Dabke – a popular dance from the Middle East – to the Dutch dance floor. Dabke Nights have now become a renowned event in the Netherlands.