Monday 11 April 2022


The name Clannad will make the hearts of many music lovers beat faster! The legendary family bond, formed by the ‘Brennan clan’ that also produced Enya and Mocya Brennan, is indisputably part of the heritage of Irish music. 11 April 2022 they will be performing in Amare!

irish folknew age
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  • Amare
  • 19:00
  • 20:00

Great songs like the movie soundtrack ‘Harry’s Game’ and ‘I will find you’ may ring a bell with some people. Just like ‘In A Lifetime’, which the band made in 1985 with Bono of U2 and which immediately became a worldwide hit. Clannad’s repertoire has an inimitable power and versatility. Elements of folk, folk rock, traditional Irish ballads and new age come together in a unique blend. A sound that drags you into the ferocity and melancholy of the landscape of Donegal, where Clannad has its roots.

After the death of founder Padraig Duggan in 2016, the remaining original founding quartet Moya, Ciaran and Pol Brennan and Noel Duggan have been joined by Aisling and Paul, daughter and son of Moya Brennan. Clannad makes music with timeless power and beauty, as evidenced by the endless popularity that Clannad experiences.

"Binding all of their styles together was their glorious soaring lush harmonies that captivated this crowd, regardless of the genre of the song."

Kevin Cooper – UK Music Reviews