Thursday 14 February 2019 2019

You probably know causes from their mega-hit ”Teach Me How To Dance With You”, which was written in just 30 seconds. The band now comes with a new album full of atmospheric indie pop songs called ”Wake me Up So I Can Dream!” And with a new album, comes a new tour.

  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

It’s been four whole years since the note was put up at the conservatory, and what a trip it has been. They’ve played Pinkpop, Lowlands, Concert At Sea and multiple sold-out venues. But on februari 24th, they will give their love to the audiance of Paard, because it is Valentines’ day after all.

“ ''Gillende meisjes, meeklappen op de songs en vooral luidkeels zingen. Causes zit met sterke songs klaar om grote weides te bestormen.'' “

– Niels Bruwier voor