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Without any help whatsoever, this man from the U.S. of A. started his career. He owned nothing, except for his talent in rephrasing his own experiences in exciting country & rockabilly songs. Following his ambitions and intuition, he left for Nashville, the home of country music.Bob Wayne is an American dude, made for a life that is aimed fully at music and everything around it. 'I've always known I wanted to be on the road, no matter what'. He drove into Nashville for the first time with one of his biggest musical influences: Hank III (Hank Williams' grandson), and started out as a guitar technician for Hank in order to work his way up into the music industry.His raucous and rambunctious nature is one of the main reasons that cause him to get involved in the weirdest situations. The cheeky bastard somehow manages to convert these experiences into great country songs, making him better and more (in)famous over time. He has thus made two albums so far, and the third one is almost here.The success of his previous albums, combined with the reputation he has managed to build over the years, leaves us no other choice than to bring this sinister solo-songwriter to our venue, together with his band. He'll most definitely show us how charm and obnoxiousness can easily be combined.
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