Wednesday 13 December 2023 8381

Fresku is the living example of “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. In 2008, Fresku released the song ”Brief aan Kees”, this song was a critical look at the Dutvch hip hop scene at the time. Kees de Koning, founder of record label Top Notch, responded with a contract under the label. On December 13, this born-entertainer will be in PAARD.

This evening is organized in cooperation with Filmhuis Den Haag and Black Soil Film Festival. Black Soil is a film festival celebrating the African diaspora at the heart of the emerging black European art movement NOW! They highlight films that both originate and result from black culture and everything in between.


  • Kleine Zaal
  • 21:00

For this evening, normal concert tickets and combo tickets are available. With a combo ticket, you get access to both the film screening plus the conversation with Fresku in Het Filmhuis, prior to the concert in PAARD. 

They are climbing the charts, the festival stages, and for once the stage of Het Filmhuis: Fresku and Teemong. These high-profile men, perhaps the most outspoken in the Dutch hip-hop scene, plop down for once to provide fans with film, music and their unvarnished opinions. Partly unprecedented, partly that shit you couldn’t get enough of anyway.

Fresku (aka Gino Pietermaai aka Willy Keurig) is, besides his music with which he dominates many charts, known for not hiding his opinions. He is often accompanied in this by the filmmaker Teemong, whose complete anonymity makes him perhaps the most mysterious man in hip-hop. In the sights of everyone on the scene, but never on screen. Together as guests at Filmhuis Den Haag, with Teemong in spirit.