Monday 7 March 2022


Sylvie Kreusch

CORONA MESSAGE update 26 november: As you will undoubtedly understand, the measures just announced will unfortunately have consequences for our program from Sunday 28 November 2021. We are working hard to find an appropriate solution for each show. This is in consultation with the artist, so give us some time. Ticketbuyers will receive an email from us as soon as there is clarity about the show! So you do not have to contact us yourself. We also post the news on the website and in the Facebook event.

We hope we can welcome you again after the lockdown! Until then, stay safe!

Please note: due to the COVID-measures this show has been postponed until 7 March 2022. Your tickets will remain valid and all ticket holders will get an update via E-mail.

Slinky. Stylish. Sexy. It may be said: Balthazar’s new sound fits them perfectly. On Sand they once again showed why they are at the top of the alt-pop scene, adding touches of electronica and sophisticated grooves to their already very appetizing sound. The Flemings will return to The Hague on November 22, and if you were at their previous show in PAARD you know that you can expect a band in top form, this time in the brand new Amare.

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Their fifth album already. Sand is the result of a band that refuses to stand still since their debut Applause. From the Gainsbourg-esque swagger of Rats, to the gritty indie on Thin Walls and the funky influences of Fever. Even when Balthazar stayed on the back burner for a while, the band members worked on side projects (we’ll just call it a Warhaus or J.Bernard).