ANTILLECTUAL + The Cooper & Forest Pooky Experience

Friday 7 June 2024 2024

Antillectual grew up with 90’s skate punk, 00’s emo and 10’s orgcore. A philosophical, powerful and infectious vibe, with influences from outside the punk rock world such as the DIY politics of Crass, the authenticity of Hüsker Dü and the guitar acrobatics of Van Halen.

In 2005, Antillectual began releasing albums and touring. Since then, the band has perfected the romantic idea of a touring band. They have played more than a thousand splashy live shows worldwide and carried the torch of European punk rock. Antillectual has released albums from North to South America, from Europe through Turkey and Russia, to Asia.

For the first time in seven years, Antillectual has released a full-length album. Featuring brand new songs, previously released singles and a collaboration with The Punk Cellist. TOGETHER refers to both the state of the world, the music industry and the approach of Antillectual’s album.

After The Hague had the worldwide premiere of The Cooper & Forest Pooky Experience (the collaborative project between The Hague punk rock veterans Cooper and French/American singer-songwriter Forest Pooky), the band is back at the Paardcafé to join the equally seasoned Antillectual in shaking the Prinsegracht to its foundations. The self-titled album has been made and this show can be considered the presentation of first single Turn the Wheel.



  • Café
  • 20:30