Sunday 25 July 2021

Albumpresentatie: TESS MERLOT in NIEUWE KERK – Avond Show [publiek]

A week after the dust of the Tour de France has settled and in the middle of the period when France is at its most beautiful, The Hague singer Tess Merlot presents her debut album Laissez-moi. On Sunday 25 July, together with her eight-piece band, she will provide us with an extra shot of French joie de vivre with the irresistible charm of the chanson in the Nieuwe Kerk aan het Spui in The Hague. Not only own songs, such as Mon Paris, L’histoire de notre amour and Une romance d’été are featured: classics by Jean Ferrat, Jacques Brel and Charles Aznavour are also on the schedule. L’été français arrive!

This concert will be held in the Nieuwe Kerk. 

  • €22,50
  • Paard op Hol: Nieuwe Kerk
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

“Indomitable singer”
Over the past few months we were allowed to get acquainted little by little with Tess’ new own work. The single Le soir de Noël (Je bois) was released in December, about which chanson connoisseur, francophile and author Bart van Loo wrote: “Tess Merlot is an indomitable Dutch singer who has been working in French for a while. From there she now launches a catchy Christmas single: ‘Le soir de Noël (Je bois)’, a bittersweet homage to the universe of Piaf and Aznavour.”

French revival
In February the song L’histoire de notre amour followed, which was embraced by Radio 1 and Radio 5 and with the chanson Les saisons de ma jeunesse Tess gave a nostalgic look at her youth, including a video clip with old home videos. A live video was made of single number four, the jazzy Une romance d’été, in the old stairwell of pop stage PAARD. Not only will a special, personal debut album be presented on Sunday 25 July; On that day, we will also celebrate summer in the Nieuwe Kerk, the revival of French music and the start of a new, hopefully corona-free belle époque in the roaring twenties.