Saturday 20 November 2021


For eighteen years the 3JS are making music. The trio from Volendam participated in the Eurovision Songfestival and had some hits in The Netherlands. But the strength comes from the versatility of the group. Singer Jan Dulles had succes in the tv-show ‘De Beste Zangers’ and showed by winning ‘The Masked Singer’ that he can rely on a pair of good pipes. The new record De Aard Van Het Beest, which was released in May 2020, is, according to the band, comparable with breaktrough record Watermensen. An album that was recieved with high marks. On November 20th 2021 the trio will play the Kleine Zaal.

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The trio Jan Dulles, Jaap Kwakman and Robin Küller (who replaced guitarist Jan Schilder) belongs to the inner circle of the popmusic (from Volendam). For some part this is because of the hopefull messages in the songs. Even the most darkish tunes have a silver lining. This optimism is even more hearable on the new record. Jan Dulles said: “If a song makes me cry, it succeeded as a song, but we don’t want that right now.” The idea of De Aard Van Het Beest is a record that cheers people up. An album that can be taken on a roadtrip by car.

De veelzijdige en zomerse show was heel anders dan wat je zou verwachten van een palingpopgroep.

3voor12 Den Haag