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Hip Hop-
  • Paardcafe
  • 18:00
  • 20:00

L4 blends African, European and American music styles into something you’ve never heard before. Added to that the lyricists take their time and craft thoughts and ideas that help us all continue “Looking Forward” (L4). This group sets the standard for Europe and the rest of the world. If you think this statement is overly bold, do yourself a favor and come experience our show.


It all started in the year 2000, when Mic-Nif formed a hip hop collective called Luminous Twinz with rhyme partner DNA, which is where he began his career as an MC. In 2002, the Luminous Twinz, were the winners of the Young Creative Minds Award on MTV (NL) with the song Stolen Lives. As time passed, Mic-Nif stepped foot in the Dutch freestyle battle scene, and in 2003, he was the winner of the Main Freestyle Battle Event of The Hague, NL.

In 2004, Mic-Nif began recording his debut solo album Distortion of the Truth (album released on September7, 2007). That same year, he teamed up with a relatively well-known Hip Hop group from the Netherlands, called NuClear Family, and a year later, they released their second album Nucelar Fission where Mic-Nif played a steady role. The album was awarded best album of The Hague (NL) in 2005.

Together with the NuClear Family, Mic-Nif has opened for numerous well known Hip Hop artists, namely; Guru (Gangstarr), Promoe (Loop Troop), Jus Allah (Jedi Mind Tricks), Insight, Wu Tang Killa Bees and Delinquent Habits, just to name a few. In 2006, stepped out of NuClear family and reunited with his former rhyme parter DNA and Mental Stamina (from the band R. O.O. O.M.) and they created a new live Hip Hop band called L4 (Looking 4ward).


Manuel Jalane Aparicio, aka Mental Stamina born, Ndungue Jalane Eduardo Dos Santos, was born in Angola and as a young boy he always felt good about any audience. He played Soccer, Basketbal, he did Karate and god know what else. When he came to the Netherlands in 1999, he was studying and playing footbal until people from a known group of artists approuched him and asked him to join them on a theater piece. Then it all started for him, joined an acclaimed pop band name R.o.o.o.m, where they recorded and released one album ” first chapter”. First chapter was recognized by the media and the masses and very much accepted by many others, unfortunately for the entire project Stamina felt like he needed more so, he started a new group name L4 ” lookin’ 4ward” where they have been smashing the various crowds they come across with, new sound and magical stage delivery from Stamina and the other 2 exceptional Mcs ” DNA and MIC-NIF” . so far Stamina is busy with L4 project!


Ever since birth DNA was surrounded by the vast styles of music that would be played through out his family’s household. At the age of eleven he was completely mesmerized by the hip-hop art form he heard pumping from his older brothers’ rooms. With his new found interest DNA commenced his journey to master the art of (improvisation) or better know as free styling. In 2000 he met Mic-Nif and formed the group Luminous Twinz. Two years later DNA linked up with Stamina and joined the R.O.O.O.M project, toured The Netherlands and further increased his knowledge of the music industry. Then in the beginning of 2008 DNA, Stamina and Mic-Nif rejoined forces to form the L4, (looking forward) click, with live band, fantastic fiascos and good music. DNA is now looking forward to serving the world with music from the heart driven by powerful messages. Favorite quote: “You can’t run away from yourself”, Bob Marley.