Thursday 12 March

CORONAVIRUS IN NL: What does this mean for my visit to Paard?

UPDATE: (Marcht 12th , 12:45 PM)
At 13.00 hrs the Dutch government starts a crisis-meeting about the corona-virus. Afterwards Prime Minister Rutte will give a press conference on the matter.
As soon as PAARD has been able to translate the results of this press conference into possible measures regarding our planned events and the consequences thereof for your visit, we will publish these on our website.


Published March 3rd: 
Measures at PAARD
PAARD keeps an eye on the latest developments concerning the Coronavirus. We follow the advices from the RIVM (Dutch Institute for Health and Environment). At the moment there is no reason to cancel any concerts or club events. May the advices from the RIVM change, there will be measures. At PAARD we do concider hygiene as something really important, now and always.

I don’t want to come to PAARD at the moment. Can I return my tickets?
The RIVM says it’s save to travel within The Netherlands. So there is no reason to return tickets. You can always try to sell your tickets on sites as TicketSwap. We advise against other ticketingsites. However second-hand ticketing always brings risks, TicketSwap offers the best and safest resale.

What can you do during your visit, to prevent spreading the coronavirus?
You can read the specifics on the website of the RIVM. The most important measures you can take yourself to prevent spreading the virus, are pretty easy. These measures count for every virus that can spread like a cold or flu. It is always important to follow these measures.

  • Wash your hands on a regular basis. Check this video for extra instructions.
  • Cough and sneeze in the inside your elbow.
  • Use paper handkerchiefs.

I feel a bit under the weather. Can I still come to PAARD?
We advise you to call your general practitioner and follow the measures as stated bij the RIVM and/or the GGD.

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