Saturday 7 May 2022


Wende, musician, theater maker, artist extra ordinary and above all a beloved face in the Dutch pop scene returns to PAARD. ‘De Wildernis’ is a groundbreaking theater concert such as only Wende makes; in which music and design merge, and which deviates from the beaten track with abrasive lyrics, steaming electronics and classical influences.

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  • 19:30
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Wende Snijders, aka. Wende has been a bright star in the firmament of the Dutch music world for years. Her arrangement of Joost Zwagermans ‘Voor Alles’ moved the whole country and recently the singer can call herself the resident artist of the Royal Theater Carré. The singer also flirted with French chansonniers and pounding electronics, and no experiment seems too much for Wende. The love for her work is also evident from the many awards, including Edisons and the Annie M.G. Schmidt Prize, which Wende won.

‘Bij Wende is er geen ontkomen aan’

De Volkskrant