Saturday 15 April 2023 2023

Exactly 25 years ago, Vive la Fête’s debut EP Je Ne Veux Pas was released, so time for a party! Danny was still playing in dEUS and found in Vive la Fête the opportunity to create something together with his girlfriend Els. Not only the party scene was very charmed, the stylish duo was also well received in the fashion scene. The sound of this duo can best be described as danceable electro-rock, a bit wrong, some influences from New Wave, with a topping of French melodies.It didn’t take long before Vive la Fête played at the invitation of Karl Lagerfeld at his fashion shows. It went fast with Vive la Fête and Els and Danny were surrounded by extra musicians to grow into a fully-fledged live band.

  • €29,00 *
  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:00
  • 19:30

Support: Yerra Yerra

“With ‘Yerra Yerra’, Yerra Yerra has released a very strong debut album, with which they can compete with the top of the Belgian rock scene. The year is not yet extremely old, but it must already be very difficult if a better Belgian rock album will be released than this. And that for a debut album… The possible pitfall of ‘Yerra Yerra’ is only the infamous second album, because with such a strong debut the expectations are only high. ‘Yerra Yerra’ is definitely a musical master debut, making the band one of the biggest promises of Belgian contemporary music. (9/10)”Maxazine Review