Saturday 13 April 2019


Dutch artists, from the Dutch clubcircuit honour those who inspired them to start with making music during ‘Throwback To’. Yesterday’s hits by today’s favourites. During the first ‘Throwback To tour’, Niels Geusebroek brought an ode to his hero: Coldplay. Spring 2019, Kim Hoorweg and Sven Hammond are joining hands for the second edition of ‘Throwback To’. Together, the rockband and jazz-singer will play songs of their rolemodel Amy Winehouse.

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  • Grote Zaal
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For years now, Sven Hammond is one that can’t be missed in the national and international live-circuit, with streaming, fulminating, spitting, squeaking, creaking, but most of all intoxicating, Hammond orgel-sound from the one and only Sven Figee as constant factor. A band that always rides it’s own roads, and apart from trends and conventions keeps renew and develop itself.

She was just 14 years old, when the American label Verve signed her. In 2007, Kim Hoorweg released her first album. This was also the year that she played North Sea Jazz and shared the stage of the HMH with our own Trijntje Oosterhuis & The Metropole Orchestra. This year she released her first album solely, called Untouchable. On this album we can also enjoy Dutch jazzlegends Anton Goudsmit, Niels Broos, Glenn Gaddum Jr. and Joost Kroon.

The raw mix of rock, soul and blues provided to you by Sven Hammond, mixed with the warm voice of Kim Hoorweg: a combination one could only dream of to play the world wide hits of Amy Winehouse in a unique, yet recognizable way.

De rauwe mix van rock, soul en blues van Sven Hammond, samen met de warme stem van Kim Hoorweg: een gedroomde combinatie om de wereldhits van Amy Winehouse op unieke doch herkenbare wijze ten gehore te brengen.

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