THE OPPOSITES [sold out]

Tuesday 19 December 2023 2023

The Opposites is a rap duo consisting of Big2 and Willem. A lot has happened since they blew up in 2005 with hits like ‘Fok Jou’ and ‘Slaap’ from the album ‘De Fik Er In’. The duo grew to become one of the biggest Dutch hip-hop acts ever, until they took a break in 2014. Twan & Willem scored hit after hit with singles like ‘Dom, Lomp & Famous’, ‘Broodje Bakpao’, ‘Licht Uit’, ‘Slapeloze Nachten’, ‘Hey DJ’, ‘Sukkel Voor De Liefde’, and ‘Thunder’. Additionally, tracks like ‘Me Nikes’, ‘Geen Klasse, Geen Stijl’, ‘Sjonnie & Anita’, and ‘Op Een Level’ became straight-up floor fillers in clubs and at festivals. On the live front, the gentlemen have evolved into one of the most energetic and influential live acts in the Netherlands and Belgium. On December 19th, The Opposites are making a spectacular comeback in The Hague.

  • Grote Zaal
  • 20:00

Support: Siggy & D1ns

Zandvoort’s own Siggy & D1ns have been making significant strides within the hip-hop scene in the Netherlands recently. After independently releasing several tracks, they were offered a contract with the biggest hip-hop label in the country: Top Notch. The chemistry between the duo is audible and creates a special and innovative vibe. They manage to captivate your attention from the start, and the voices of the two complement each other perfectly.