Monday 15 April 2019


Morrissey & Marshall

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from them but the London-born siblings The Magic Numbers are back! Recently they released their fifth album Outsiders, which is named after the feeling that the four of them always felt. “As a band, and as people, we’ve never really fit in. Even when things escalated quickly for the band, and we were at some awards ceremony, we always felt like we stuck out. It was the time of indie bands like The Strokes and The Libertines – and then there we stood.” Romeo Stodart says. Pathetic? Absolutely not. The Magic Numbers prove that it’s always the misfits that deliver the best music.

The album has tracks with stadiorock-like allure and bluesy vibes. But The Magic Numbers wouldn’t be The Magic Numbers if not all the tracks would sound completely different.

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It’s nothing new that our beloved numbers use a lot of different influences, but Outsiders is more diverse and colorful than their previous works. Leaning on a bluesy guitar sound, inspired by David Bowie (who past away in the time that they created this album) and lyrics that refer to Kate Bush and Fred Neil.

If you think that Outsiders is a lamentation about not fitting in, you are wrong. The Magic Numbers embrace being an outsider and that’s admirable.

Morrissey & Marshall 

It’s been only a few years ago that Darren Morrissey and Greg Marshall left Dublin to move to London with two acoustic guitars and the dream to live off of music. And they seem to succeed. Little by little they conquer the world with their beautiful songs and indie-rock sound. April 15th they support The Magic Numbers in Paard.

Still the perfect soundtrack to T-shirt weather

-Ella Alexander voor Independant UK