Friday 26 February 2021

THE JACK & THE JOKER [livestream]

Piano bar in PAARD; from Bowie to Queen and from Oasis to Nine Inch Nails – these guys play anything!

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The Jack & The Joker consists of singer/pianist Harrison Young (The Jack) and drummer Koen Herfst (The Joker). Harrison Young (New York, living in NL since 2014) has played around the world with his own solo projects as Jazz singer (even accompanied by big bands from Russia), as piano bar artist and as sideman for big names like Doro Persch, Udo Dirkschneider and Talib Kweli. Koen Herfst has played multiple world tours with Armin van Buuren, organises his yearly drumming festival Herfstfeest at Paard and is the drummer for the new Vandenberg since last year, for which he recently has played on the new record in L.A.

  • Online livestream (vanuit PAARD)
  • 20:45
  • 21:00

Both musicians are also part of the bluesrock trio The Cards with Saxon guitarist Paul Quinn (The King, from Manchester) and during the first lockdown the idea arose to be able to still play together while the guitarist couldn’t travel to the Netherlands. What began as a spontaneous side project for The Cards has grown to a full-fledged act; the duo has played in multiple cafes in small settings and has done multiple livestreams with thousands of viewers from Russia, Japan, Germany, USA, Sweden, Brasil, etc.