Friday 7 May 2021


The Great Communicators: the band from Amsterdam / The Hague that gets off to a flying start in 2014 with the well-received debut EP “Bide your time” and a crackling Popronde. There seems to be no measure for the band that releases its debut album Lucky Horse in 2016, is at Noorderslag and Down The Rabbit Hole, is Kensington’s support in the Ziggo Dome, becomes 3FM Serious Talent and performs at DWDD. Until the roaring machine creaks to a halt when vocalist Gaia Slotboom stops working and frontman Arend Dijkstra is unable to come up with new material quickly due to a writer’s block. The band’s record company, booker and manager quit and the group is suddenly on its own.

It has been four long years, but sometimes you have to break everything down to start over. The Great Communicators went through fire to save the band’s future. A future with new singer Linda van Leeuwen, new songs and a new, groovy sound. The upcoming album “The Endless Haze” features an indestructible band, a group that has freed itself from all its tormentors and feels stronger than ever.

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During the recording, all the turmoil of the past years is poured into a brooding album. In every note you can hear the disappointment, optimism, doubt and hope of the band members. On “The Endless Haze“, due in 2021, influences from Beck, Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem will seep through the songs, twisting like trembling feverish dreams and sending the listener through a palace of mirrors full of unexpected twists. Held together by driving drum and bass parts that reflect the bright light of the razor-sharp guitars and swinging percussion through the album like a disco ball. You can hear previews of this on the singles “Round the bend” and “Our Days“, which were released in early June and early September 2020 respectively. Also live the band still stands its ground with fresh music that at the same time sounds nonchalant and sultry, compelling yet light and uplifting.
More than ever, The Great Communicators is a band to be reckoned with

Groovier en dansbaarder dan voorheen.