Sunday 27 November 2022 2022

After the cross-media project around the Murder Ballad the album Eggs & Marrowbone, The Bullfight is releasing another project in collaboration with other musicians and artists, and can be admired in PAARD on 27 November. Due to the uniqueness of the project, the album will not be released digitally. This means that the CD, the record and the tour will give you your only chance to listen to the record. This time the project centered around Spoken Word. The Bullfight then recorded music around this. The guest contributions were completely free with regard to interpretation and interpretation. This makes for a varied album; sometimes musing, sometimes hard. Sometimes light, sometimes heavy. Sometimes jazzy, other times orchestral.

In 2020/2021, the band asked several singers to contribute spoken word. Purely the bare vocal track. On this album the band collaborated with punk legend Henry Rollins, founding member of Tindersticks David Boulter, frontman of The Golden Earring Barry Hay. Spinvis, Alex Roeka, Mark Ritsema and Daisy Cools also made wonderful contributions.

A unique work of art was then made for each song by 9 different artists (including Henk Schiffmacher and James Johnston). In this way word is represented in both image and sound.

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  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:30
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With his abrasive voice he poetically sings about the dark sides of life and love. In addition to The Bullfight, Alex Roeka can be seen in PAARD on November 27. He was awarded the Annie M.G. Schmidt Prize, received an Edison and the Dutch Oeuvre Prize for Cabaret and Kleinkunst.

Alex is known for linking his CD to a theater programme, as with his record Nieuwe Dromen, which shows a fierce protest attitude in addition to a search for lost time, while at the same time tending to a philosophy of light-heartedness and detachment. With this program he has been nominated for a Poelifinario, in the cabaret category.

“ Doordrenkt met een angstaanjagende schoonheid “

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