Sunday 11 July 2021


Do you remember? THE party of 2020.
You missed it. Like everyone else.
Or maybe not?
The afterparty is a dreamy trip through PAARD.
With a guide in your headphones, you walk through the building.
The beat thumps through your body again. You smell sweat and beer.
Suddenly the person you’ve been flirting with stands in front of you in the toilet line.
For a few seconds you’re back at the busy dance floor.
When you leave the building, you know for sure:
you WERE at that party in 2020.
And it was unbelievable.
It was all the parties you’ve visited in one crazy trip.

  • Tickets €10 | Gratis tot 27 jaar
  • Route door PAARD
  • 19:00
  • 19:00
  • 22:00

The Afterparty is a corona proof audio walk with live performance, in PAARD for an audience of 16 years and older.
You’ll visit the showing on your own. With your own smartphone and headphones you get a soundscape at the entrance.
Every five minutes a visitor will start the walk, so it’s fine if you come with someone else.

About Us
Girls in Woods makes theatre with exciting themes.
They provide an alienating experience in a visually stimulating universe.
The Afterparty was realized with a subsidy from the Balcony Scene scheme of the Performing Arts Fund NL.

The Afterparty will be organized 3 times. Click on the links for the different dates:

➞ Day 1: Thursday 8 July
➞ Day 2: Friday 9 July
➞ Day 3: Sunday 11 July