SWANS @ Amare

Sunday 19 November 2023 2023

One of the most uncompromising bands, ‘s Swans make music that alternates between bleak, brutal, noise rock and dark, ambient, moody folk coupled with intense live performances. Emerging from the downtown New York no wave scene, the group’s confrontational shows supported dissonant, repetitive records including 1983’s Filth. From that moment onwards the band is constantly evolving and revolutionizing their music.

  • Amare
  • 19:30
  • 19:30

The dirge-like industrial of 1986’s Greed introduced a more atmospheric sound as well as the addition of vocalist/songwriter . 1991’s White Light from the Mouth of Infinity was significantly more melodic and elaborately produced, even as concerts remained spectacles. They disbanded in 1997 following Soundtracks for the Blind. re-formed Swans in 2010. This incarnation, easily as uncompromising, produced the group’s most commercially successful work, To Be Kind, in 2014. returned Swans to an alternating lineup in 2017, subsequently working with a revolving cast on 2019’s Leaving Meaning and 2023’s The Beggar.

Support: Norman Westberg

Best known for his work with the seminal outfit, SWANS, Westberg’s output beyond that group is sprawling and restless. His name recurs and ripples through many interconnected micro-histories surrounding New York City’s music and art scenes. From appearances in film works associated with the Cinema Of Transgression, through to his participation in bands such as The Heroin Sheiks and Five Dollar Priest, Westberg’s name is woven deeply in to the fabric of NY, over the past three decades.

This concert is in collaboration with Grauzone and Amare. PAARD and Amare have joined forces to organize several major pop concerts every year in the Amare concert hall. This concert is part of this collaboration.