Thursday 12 October 2023 2023

As a child of different cultures, the British-Surinamese-Dutch artist Sky Feliz embraces a wide variety of styles and disciplines. The multi-dimensional singer, songwriter and performer captures a wealth of human feelings in her songs: melancholy, cheekiness, seduction, confrontation, vulnerability. “I like to make people feel uncomfortable to a certain extent and draw them in at the same time” – Sky Feliz. With a groundbreaking mix of R&B, soul, pop and house, Sky’s songs, both in production and in texts, to life. She puts her finger on the suggestive, the things that often remain undiscussed, and the intimate situations in which physical and mental stimuli confront, overlap and provoke each other.

  • €15,00 *
  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

This year, Sky is taking her career to the next level with a brand new recording project, of which the singles “Patience”, “123” and “The Middle” are the first tastes. Sky Feliz opens the doors for R&B like the Netherlands has never seen before, to be seen on October 12 in PAARD.

Sky Feliz can also be found on this year’s PAARD single. Every year, PAARD releases the POWERED BY PAARD 7” single in collaboration with two local artists. Artists who go fast, deserve to go even faster and will probably grow out of The Hague in the coming years or have been working on this for a long time. This year, PAARD accompanies the R&B artist Sky Feliz and the poetic Dutch pop act Prins S. and De Geit to the next step in their musical careers. Order the single here.

Support: Yaëll Campbell

Yaëll Campbell is an artist with fresh, smooth rhymes & vocals. He gained a lot of experience with performing and writing from a young age. His musical roots lie in hip-hop and rap, but nowadays he also focuses on producing, singing, rapping, guitar, keys, and spoken word.

“ Sky Feliz is een duizendpoot: ze zingt, produceert, danst en acteert, en visueel wil ze iets neerzetten dat een totaalervaring is “