Wednesday 23 March 2022


Irene Hin

CORONA UPDATE 25/2: This event can be visited without a Covid Certificate (qr-code) or negative testresult and without 1.5 meter measures or mask!

His songs are about the great things in life: love, goodbyes, problems. He switches between small and large issues, but always with the pen of a poet. Ofcourse  we are talking about Rob Dekay, he is a barrel full of contradictions with not only colorful tattoos but also a colorful resume. Rob is now mainly known as a Dutch-speaking singer-songwriter, as the mole from the twentieth season of Wie Is De Mol and as Judas from The Passion 2021, after which he scored a number 1 hit with Ik Ben Maar Een Mens. December 3, 2021 Rob Dekay will be in PAARD!

  • € 17,50
  • Kleine Zaal / Small Hall
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

*incl € 2,50 servicefee

With his natural charisma and fun lyrics, Dekay is a born entertainer. When the singer dropped out of school at a young age and started various jobs, he was already urged by friends to go completely for music. In 2016 the debut album ‘Allesgaat Voorbij’ will be released and in 2017 the artist will write the title song for the film ‘Weg Van Jou’. Since then, Rob Dekay has been a singer to be reckoned with.

Irene Hin

As a songwriter, Irene Hin bridges the gap between country and bluegrass from the 60s and pop music from the 00s. Characteristic are her slightly husky voice and fresh, autobiographical lyrics. Her love for music started when she was eight years old. Where peers listened to well-known children’s songs, she couldn’t get enough of Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette. At the same time, she sang in her bedroom with pop stars such as Michael Jackson and Shakira. Years later, in 2015, a love break resulted in her writing her first song. What started as a creative expression of her feelings, grew in recent years into a dream to one day be on stage with her own band.

In 2021 Irene will focus on writing Dutch pop songs, in which she dares to be extremely vulnerable. The first step towards a tour along all pop stages has thus been taken.

Hou vol en stop nooit!

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